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Greek faculty members move to Turkey

Monday 24 January 2011, by Yorgo Kirbaki

As Greece is being crushed under an economic crisis, strikes and unemployment, university faculty members have begun flocking to Turkey.

While people have often taken to the streets because of the crisis, others fortunate enough to have jobs are now keeping one eye abroad for better opportunities. Turkey is one of the popular countries for looking abroad, according to the Greek press.

In addition to the youth who come, or want to come, to Turkey to find a job, an increasing number of Greek faculty members have started to move to Turkey for good. The number of Greek faculty members in Turkish higher education institutions is rapidly increasing, especially at Bilgi, Bilkent, Boğaziçi, Kadir Has and Koç universities. The daily Kathimerini wrote that they are leaving Greece for better working conditions in Turkey.

Students more disciplined, libraries richer in content

A Greek faculty member, on condition of anonymity, said, “Greek universities are in poor shape and are not providing me the support I need.”

Another academic, Dimitrios Triantafilu, who resigned from Greece’s Aegean University and came to Istanbul’s Kadir Has University, said: “Turkish students are more disciplined compared to Greek students. They have more respect for the institution they are in. As well, libraries at Turkish universities are richer in content.”

Another reason Greek educators prefer Turkey is the better economic conditions compared to Greece, Kathimerini daily wrote. The daily said even university graduates in Greece prefer Turkey for master’s programs.

Over 50 students from Greece and Greek Cyprus have done their postgraduate degrees in Bilgi University’s Department of International Relations, according to Kathimerini.

“Greek immigrants in Turkey are a fact. Educated specialists, personnel and researchers from Greece are leaving the Greek education system and moving to a country that we have seen not as a migration destination, but as a military threat.”

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Source : Radikal, January 15, 2011

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