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Turkish Foreign Policy 1919-2006 - Facts and Analysis with Documents

Thursday 27 October 2011

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At the intersection of many powerful global forces, modern Turkey—a region of enduring interest for power politics—has often been treated as peripheral to other fields of study such as Europe, Russia, or China. Shaped by the crossing of cultures and traditions between Europe and Asia, this lands has felt the influence of several great world-historical civilizations and empires, as well as Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, and Islam.

Already a classic textbook in Turkey, Turkish Foreign Policy is the only comprehensive work that covers Turkish foreign policy from end of Ottoman rule in 1919 to 2006. Now translated into English, this book represents the best example of the accumulated knowledge of the tradition on the study of Turkish foreign policy and incorporates nearly all major issues, factors and interactions. The fourteen contributors are among the most distinguished scholars in Turkey specializing in Turkish foreign policy. For the first time, we see an analysis not proposing the interests of the Turkish Republic, but instead the requirements of political science.

Rich in maps and tables, Turkish Foreign Policy will be a critical source of information for specialists in international relations, of readers interested in Turkey, and of students who need clear information and profound analyses.

- “To put it briefly, Turkish Foreign Policy is the most comprehensive analysis of its subject matter.” Atila Eralp

- Baskin Oran is Professor Emeritus of International Relations at Ankara University

- Mustafa Aksin is the former Turkish ambassador to the United Nations.

- List of contributors :
Atay Akdevelioğlu, Ankara University.
Çağrı Erhan, Ankara University.
Erel Tellal, Ankara University.
Gökçen Alpkaya, Ankara University.
İlhan Uzgel, Ankara University.
Kudret Özersay, TRNCyprus.
Melek Fırat, Ankara University.
Mustafa Aydın, TOBB Economy and Technology University, Ankara.
Ömer Kürkçüoğlu, Ankara University.
Sanem Baykal, Ankara University.
Tuğrul Arat, TOBB Economy and Technology University, Ankara.

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