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301 ? Be ready to encounter new articles

Thursday 24 April 2008, by Mehmet. M. Yilmaz

Debates over the 301 Article of The Turkish Penal Code recalls me the debate done over the “gender of angels”.

We debate more and more but we cannot come to conclusion.

We all think that, the case is closed by giving the mandate of allowing to file lawsuit to Justice Minister.

Actually, the problem is related with the freedom of expression.

Everybody knows that it is one of the most degrading crime to humiliate and insult a nation or an ethnic group unless he is not insane.

In my opinion execution of the 301 Article is going to be “against freedom of expression” whether President or Justice Minister has the mandate to allow filing lawsuit.

This article constituted with ambiguous and unclear expressions can be executed for any purpose if it is at wrong hands.

We have seen many examples of this situation until now

And also keep in mind that if hope is lost for the Article 301 to block freedom of expression more articles can be found among our laws to be used for the same purpose.

This reason of encountering a new article after all progressive step we have taken at our Penal Code.

As a matter of fact, we should accept that freedom of expression is a right for all people.

We march at the same place all the time since the prosecutors and judges execute their authority to restrict this freedom instead of improving it.

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Source : Hürriyet 23.04.08

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