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If not the goats, then who?

Wednesday 5 October 2011, by Hüseyin Gülerce

In a recent statement to journalists, President Abdullah Gül said: “You know, I assigned the State Audit Institution [DDK] to investigate the Hrant Dink and Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu cases.

The agency has found some sad things in regards to the Yazıcıoğlu case. I mean, it is unbelievable, but the flight recorder of the chopper that crashed is gone. Well, the goats didn’t take it. It was removed from its place with screwdrivers and is now missing. Later, we received much information. One person wrote the following: ‘Dear President, we thought the people working on the site were public officials, but there are some interesting things. Take a look at the video tape.’ I watched the video. Somebody was checking the bodies in the snow and others removing the black box. This has been identified. There are many other things that seem unbelievable to me. I will not say any more.”

These are remarks by the president of Turkey. The public officials he is referring to are members of the armed forces. We are facing a grave situation here. The chopper crash of Grand Unity Party (BBP) leader Yazıcıoğlu is as grave as Hrant Dink’s murder, the Council of State attack, the assassination of former Gendarmerie Command Gen. Eşref Bitlis and the Susurluk incident. The death of Yazıcıoğlu is a key incident in resolving unresolved events in the deep state structure. Just like the Internet, which has shed light on many unidentified events and incidents, the resolution of Yazıcıoğlu’s death may change the course of future events. From this perspective, we owe gratitude to the president for assigning the DDK to investigate this. Thank God we have a brave and courageous person in the presidential palace.

Yazıcıoğlu was a party leader, and the chopper carrying him crashed on March 25, 2009 during his election campaign. He and five other passengers in the chopper died at the scene. The report the DDK released early this year showed that the incident should not be covered up. The chopper was found two days after the crash. It was like some were intent on not locating him.

It also became evident that eyewitnesses called the 156 gendarmerie line to inform them about the accident and give them the exact location of the chopper and crash site; however, the eyewitness accounts were not taken seriously and teams searched for the chopper somewhere else. It was subsequently discovered that the devices were missing from the site.

Military radar images show that warplanes were passing by the site on the day of the accident. The images also show that an F-16 was 28.5 kilometers from the site only a few minutes before the incident. The plane was traveling northeast. However, the radar was deactivated in eastern Turkey at 15:03, the exact time of the accident. The mechanisms were reactivated after four minutes. The course and route of the F-16 is still unknown. The DDK concluded that the chopper crashed during this period of time.

President Gül’s statements, along with the newly acquired evidence and information, raise suspicions that Yazıcıoğlu was actually assassinated. Why was such an assassination committed? The common answer in mind is that Yazıcıoğlu knew too much and was ready to expose the secrets he held. After Dink’s murder, doubts were raised in connection with the BBP. Back then, Yazıcıoğlu expressed interest in meeting with Ali Bayramoğlu, Etyen Mahcupyan and Eser Karakaş. He died before this meeting. As the secrets of the accident are exposed, the most heinous murders and homicides will be also resolved and this will end the era of guardianship.

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Source : Todayszaman.com 22 September 2011, Thursday

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